Thursday, November 18, 2010


I don't know about you, but this weekend couldn't come any sooner.  I've got some big events on the lineup, and my excitement has had me thinking about my outfits for each occasion since Tuesday!  It is looking as if northern California is finally going to get a taste of some fall weather (a short siesta from the sun will be nice), and the kickoff for Thanksgiving week is sure to have lots of people out and about, hitting the town.

I've compiled a few ideas for the weekend, and have decided on a solid favorite.  I'm going to ride on the idea that leather pants are making a comeback, and curse anybody who tries to call me Sandy! I first realized that these iconic pants were making a comeback after a catchy couple of H&M ads, and noticed the cozy sweater meets biker chic trend was going to be a hit.  The soft accents of a cable or knit sweater paired with some basic colors and a rockin' pair of leatherettes makes for a new look that is sure to turn heads.  My advice: save this look for the evening.  Leather goes best in the dark- and you won't have to suffer the effects of being stuck in the sun in leather pants!

What do you guys think? Is leather pants the new skinny jean.... or not?


  1. there is a possibility that they could replace denim trousers and they look hot! love your blog!

  2. Don't know if they'll replace denim as denim is just too much of a staple. But leather pants have been hot for a couple of seasons now. You have to make sure though it's really soft fine leather. I agree there is nothing cool about a sweaty bum from being too hot.