Monday, November 15, 2010

backstage babes

As if my obsession with the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wasn't enough... I came across some great photography of the models backstage at their New York Fashion Week 2010 show last week.

I find this totally inspirational- long and luscious hair, natural makeup, a classic representation of beauty.  These girls represent today's Supermodels, in a world where modeling has been taken over by celebrities on the red carpet.  Actors and modern day icons have become the new faces of magazines, and there has been a visible decline in the number of models being used for these coveted advertising campaigns.

It wasn't long ago where supermodels were seen everywhere-  top advertising campaigns, runways, magazine covers- making millions of dollars annually.  As celebrity faces continue to clutter the magazine and advertising space, replacing faces such as Cindy Crawford and Elle MacPherson, the Victoria's Secret models have been the remainder from a world where supermodels ruled.  These girls have been protected, probably due to their ability to model underwear flawlessly, and have continued to rule the modeling world above all others.  The VS Models are today's Supermodels, famed and fortuned by their beauty and runway appeal.

Photos by Daniella Rech

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