Thursday, January 20, 2011

get lost! has compiled an exciting collection of perfect weekender bags, so you can travel in style with these perfectly-sized carriers!
[J.W. Hulme; Weekend Satchel Carryon Bag]
[Fleabags gunpowder bag in Indian blanket]
[Alexander Wang Daphne Duffel]

[Burberry Utility Cotton Canvas Weekender Bag]

[Stella McCartney Leopard Print Weekender Bag] 
[Tory Burch Greyden Duffle Bag]

My favorite one has to be the Fleabags gunpowder bag- I love the print of the fabric and the western Indian feel it brings! If I could get my hands on my favorite weekender, I am positive that I would use it all the time, it's perfect "not-so-big" size makes room for all overnight necessities, and adds a flare of relaxed weekend style to any outing!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


New year, new you? Interested in changing your go-to scent? I have hunted down my FAVORITE perfumes, the best, smelliest, and most captivating scents for your personality and mood.... which one is your favorite?

Chanel No. 5: "The world's most legendary fragrance"

Chanel has been making best selling perfumes for decades, and women continue to flock to this legendary scent.  Chanel No. 5 can be considered the queen of perfumes, iconic in the fashion industry, known for leaving a lasting impression.  Are you a girly girl? Appreciate class and sophistication? Known for it's feminine touch, Chanel No. 5 is the scent for you!

J'Adore by Christian Dior: Essence of the 21st Century

A more contemporary take on the the famous Chanel, J'Adore is fruity, floral, and feminine.  This deeply sensual scent exudes notes of tangy mandarine and ivy leaves, mixed with the hearts of rare orchids and roses, and blackberry musk.  This scent is perfect for the modern woman who is interested in preserving a soft girly side, paired with a strong and successful personality.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue: Subtle and Playful

Light Blue: my favorite scent of the century, and the bottle I have been longing for since it's inception.  Created by Italian designers (gotta love D&G), this scent is fruity and fun, without being too bold.  Floral notes also embody this enchanting scent, mixed with a light and refreshing green apple.  Go for this scent if you are looking for something soft yet enticing, a magical scent that is sure to catch an admirer's attention :)

SJP's NYC: The Ultimate Fragrance Accessory for Fashion and Style

Inspired by the iconic character, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City, Sarah Jessica Parker wanted to create a scent that inspired "Freedom, possibilities, and playfulness- and of course fabulous style!"  This flirty scent is perfect for the trendsetter and fashion guru, the perfect note for someone looking to make an impression!

So what's your favorite scent? Leave a comment and tell me why!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

mane event

Fliipping through some magazines this morning has me panting for a new hairstyle.  Bored with the old 'do? Looking for something new and exciting to top off a great outfit? I have collected my favorite celebrity hairstyles for you here- famed by the last decade, looks that will never be out of style!

Swept Away

[Sandra Bullock, photo courtesy of]
Sandra Bullock wears this style with ease, soft curls and light teasing swept to the side and knotted at the nape of her neck.  It is elegant and sophisticated, with a soft and relaxed feel.  This traditionally warm-weather trend is great for a soft "down" look while maintaining a cool neck... however I anticipate this look to be a big hit this winter, as it makes room for cozy scarves and sweaters to warm up to!

Knotted Up

Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba both look stunning with their hair braided.  Whether the braid is large or small, it adds new texture to any hairstyle, and becomes a focal point for the ensemble.  Twist in some gold ribbon or a pretty bow to add more flare to this versatile and eye catching do!
[Sienna Miller, Photo courtesy of]
[Jessica Alba; photo courtesy of]

Cropped & Cute

[Carey Mulligan; Photo courtesy of]
Carey Mulligan has mastered the 2010 pixie cut... inspired by fashion icon Twiggy in the '60s.  The bold blond paired with the extreme cut makes for one stunning look! Dress up this simple do with bold jewelry and big eyes... and before you take the plunge, make sure that you are prepared for the significant change in length!

Old Hollywood

The old Hollywood hairstyle has been around forever, and continues to make a style statement on every red carpet.  The softly manicured curls, paired with a severe side part and classic makeup creates a look for the ages, one that seems to compliment every face.  Achieve this look by creating soft curls with minimum frizz, adding a serum over the top to control the curl.  Part your hair deeply to the side, and play up the red lips and dark lashes.... this do is sure to turn cameras your direction!

[January Jones, Photo courtesy of]

Monday, January 10, 2011

surf de invierno

I only have one thing to say about this spread published in GQ Spain's January issue- they know how to do winter right! Model Rainer Iverson looks chic and comfy in his sweaters and sweats, inspired by classic looks with a warm feel for a cozy ensemble.  Outfitted by Joana de la Fuente, this stylist goes against the traditional warm qualities of the beach, instead opting for a handsome winter look.  While this may not be the optimal style for the work week- these dapper threads are sure to have any man comfy and cozy on their days off. But who isn't a fan of Rainer Iverson? .... I mean his style?

Por favor, venga a los Estados Unidos Rainer Iverson... me encanta tu estilo!

[Photos courtesy of; Published in GQ Spain January 2011]

Saturday, January 8, 2011

color me dior

[Images courtesy of; Christian Dior RTW Spring 2011]
Christian Dior has built an empire on flowy fabrics and bold colors.  His Spring 2011 line has me counting the days until the weather is warm enough to sport one of his dreamy dresses! Spring fashion will be marked by bold and bright colors- like flowers in bloom, your closet should open up to a variety of new color and prints.  Dior's line looks to be inspired by the Pacific... Hawaiian prints, flowy skirts, flowers and sheer materials- perfect attire for a vacation in the tropics.  But why not bring the Pacific mood to your closet? It is sure to make a big impact across the fashion world this Spring!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

top five

Happy New Year! I am officially back from my mini-vacation, and ready to dive into 2011 with style.  There are sure to be some new and awesome trends hitting store fronts this year... but there are some overarching themes that we should definitely keep in our wardrobes into the new year!

Here are my top 5 awesome style trends from 2010:

1.  Lacy Luxury

While some designers decided to make underware outerware (thank heaven THAT trend didn't stick), we still have added a heavy amount of lace and sheer fabric to our closets.  A chic lace skirt paired with a dress shirt, or a sheer top with some jeans for a night out give us some options that are both chic and classy!
[; Lace at Catherine Holstein, Verrier, and Diane von Furstenberg]

2.  Atten-tion!

With subtle olive and khaki tones, military-inspired pieces have become a necessity in any closet.  Cargo pants, jackets and shirts offer both style and versatility, while offering a nice change up to jeans.
[Vogue Military Issue, 2010]

3.  Like a red rag to a bull...

Remember True Romance? That speaks to the overarching color of 2010: Red.  Whether it was on your lips, your nails or your dress, this color was red-hot on the runway, at all the award shows, and on the streets.  This trend will continue through the winter and into spring, adding a pop of color to any outfit.
[Penelope Cruz, photo courtesy of]

4.  Rawr!

One of my favorites, animal print was BIG for 2010.  Dressed down with denim, or up with silk or velvet, many new designers jumped at the opportunity to feature primal prints.  A must have for any chic closet!
[Roberto Cavalli: Milan Fashion Week 2010]

5.  Flower Power

Florals look great on pretty much everyone, and I cannot wait for this trend to hit center stage once again this spring.  Look for them not only in blouses and tanks, but also in headbands and jewelry to add the perfect amount of whimsical fantasy to your outfit.
[; Tuleh, Tracy Rose, and Peter Som]

Agree with my top five? What are your favorite trends from 2010?