Monday, November 15, 2010

face lift

If you haven't noticed, I took some time to give TT (Trendy Times) a facelift.  I wanted something a bit more basic, to emphasize the awesome pictures I constantly upload.  In honor of today's makeover, I'd like to take the opportunity to cover some of this season's hottest makeup trends: ruby lips and dramatic eyes.

[Megan Fox at Georgio Armani Prive Catwalk, courtesy of]
If you only buy one product this autumn/winter- it better be red lipstick.  Rosy lips are taking the runway and turning it into a 50's inspired makeup playground.  Skip the liner- the trend is supposed to look imperfect.  Just add some color to your face, forget the gloss, and you'll be good to go.  You can add another coat for some extra oomph at night, or you can use a napkin to blot it down for a sweet day look.  I have been dying to order MAC's basic red lipstick- it is sure to add a holiday flare to any outfit.

[Taylor Swift, Photo Courtesy of]
I think we have my girl T. Swift to thank for this next fall craze: black eyeliner.  Makeup artists around the country are using the classic makeup bag staple in new ways- flaring out the liner on the sides of the top lids, adding a dramatic element to any set of lookers.  I am absolutely obsessed with my new Define-a-line eyeliner from Maybelline- complete with a blending and sharpening tool, it is very easy to apply and correct my liner! This look makes the need for mascara almost nonexistent, although a little on the lashes is sure to play up this 40's inspired look.

These makeup trends play on a natural color base for your face, with simple accents like minimal blush and shadow.  What do you guys think of these "blast-from-the-past" trends?

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