Tuesday, November 16, 2010

model inspiration

Emma Watson's appearance on the David Letterman last night made me realize how much of a breakout star she has become.  Her work as an actress in Harry Potter, as well as her modeling gigs, have made her one of the most successful teenagers worldwide.  I am also completely obsessed with her new look: the short hairdo is flawlessly pulled off!

[Emma Watson at the London Premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1, photo courtesy of celebsalon.sheknows.com]

Studying art at Brown, she has become somewhat of a fashion devotee- noting her passion for fashion as an art.  She partnered with Burbery in 2008 to become the face of their 2009 Autumn/Winter campaign.  She has also appeared in Burbery's 2010 Spring/Summer campaign.

[Emma Watson for Burbery, Photo courtesy of stylefrizz.com]

She has become one of my fashion muses- investing her most recent energy in People Tree, a fair trade brand.  The Times described the brand as "very clever," inspired by French and London trends.  Upon the release of the People Tree Spring 2010 line, Emma noted, "Fashion is a great way to empower people and give them skills, rather than give cash to charity, you can help people by buying clothes they make and supporting things they take pride in."  This actress turned model/humanitarian has me itching to get in line for some of the awesome People Tree pieces this fall.

[Emma Watson for People Tree Fall 2010, Photos courtesy of millionlooks.com]
I LOVE People Tree's red plaid shirt- that trend is one that has hit this Fall with force.  It can easily be paired with some jeans, or a mini with high socks and my favorite Tommy Hilfiger boots.  Emma has become an fashion inspiration to many- from her iconic trench-coat Burbery look (I have to get my hands on that tan trench), to her involvement with People Tree.  We're rooting for you Emma!


  1. I'm totally diggin' her new hair too! I just wish I could pull it off. Great blog!

    Maryjane xoxo

  2. I love her, her morals, and her hair! Great post, thanks for sharing!

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  3. i love her! she looks amazing with short hair! so unfair for her to be rich, beautiful AND intelligent and intersting! she has it all!

  4. Emma has great style, and she's really grown up. Her new haircut is so sophisticated and cute!


  5. love emma watson. great post :)


  6. Yeah she has definitely gone up in the style stakes as she's grown older. I wasn't sure about her short pixie cut at first but It has definitely grown on me, she looks stunning.

    Btw thanks for commenting on my blog, In reply to your comment I would suggest something like this http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/99964 although that's just a reference to the style you can ignore the price tag lol. You could choose a different neckline if you wanted to be more covered up.