Monday, November 15, 2010

monday muse alice and olivia

Today, I am all about alice and olivia.  One of the most anticipated lines at the 2010 New York Fashion Week, Stacey Bendet launched her look in 2002, focusing on creating a sophisticated yet quirky line for women of all ages.  I am anticipating the launch of her shoe collection in 2011, but until then, I'll be browsing her runway and online looks.  Inspired by the women around her, the A&O line brings a sweet vintage look to any office or evening outfit, giving a sophisticated and feminine appeal.

Bendet has mastered the art of mixing textures for a cozy autumn look- using everything from leather to knit to fur to feathers.  Her Fall/Winter 2010 line offers a wide collection of evening cocktail apparel- perfect for the holiday season.  LBDs have their own A&O twist with pretty feathers, soft and cozy faux fur, and lots and lots of sparkles.

Celebrity fans of A&O include Angelina Jolie, Gweneth Paltrow (actress turned singer..oh my) and gossip girl's Blake Lively.  With A-Listers closely following Bendet's line, this is sure to be a fall must-have brand for any closet.  Check out and let me know what you think!

[Alice and Olivia Fall/Winter RTW; Photos courtesy of]


  1. i LOVE that gold and black sparkle dress!!

  2. me too! wouldn't it be great at a New Year's party?

  3. definitely would! except i would not pair it with fur.. i guess that is just my lack of fashion talking haha

  4. oohhh i love thees :D