Thursday, October 14, 2010

everyone's gone mad!

[Betty, Peggy and Joan: Photo courtesy of]

AMC's Mad Men has taken the fashion world by storm, the first television series to do so since Sex and the City.  Tweeds, pencil skirts and skinny ties are coming back into the spotlight, inspiring designers such as Michael Kors and Thom Browne to incorporate these styles into their lines.

Rumors surfaced late last year that Jamie Bryant, the creative costume designer for Mad Men, will be designing her own line, inspired by the AMC hit show.  In her interview with Glamour, she couldn't confirm anything, saying "I'm working on some things right now...I hate to be so mysterious, but I can't really say! It would have my name attached to it though..."

[Joan Halloway, photo courtesy of]
As hollywood stars continue to sport the Mad Men look, we can only hope that Bryant will be coming out with her own line soon.  Joan, Betty and Peggy, emulating the 1960s poster girls for home and office fashion, offer looks that incorporate both style and class, resembling a time in American history where presentation was everything.  Perfect hair, full skirts at home, professional tweeds at work.  Fashion was at its height during these times, and thanks to Mad Men, is making a comeback.

To build your own 60s inspired style, try to stick with basics.  Joan does it best, mixing separates of skirts and blouses for the workplace.  Her bold colors contribute to her "in charge" attitude, and showcases her assets.

[Betty Draper, photo courtesy of]

Betty, on the other hand, is consistently trying to present a facade of perfection, focusing on the perfect hairstyle matched with the perfect full dress.  To achieve Betty's classic look, try to find dresses and skirts, long to the knees.  Her simple pallet of pale colors and patterns adds some flare to her style.

Mad Men has also influenced men's fashion nationwide.  Hat sales, specifically fedoras, have skyrocketed.  So pick up a Dobbs fedora for your man to add some dashing Draper style to his closet.

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