Saturday, October 2, 2010

brands of choice

This brand seems to keep a consistent "pretty" feel to all of their designs.  Their pieces are one of a kind, seeming to appreciate artfulness, innovation and design into not just their clothing, but their lifestyle pieces as well.  One of my favorite places to shop, Anthropologie has nailed a look that is attractive to every shape and size.

I had not been the biggest fan of Gap stores until this last spring, when I cashed in on a gift card.  I was delightfully surprised with their spring line, and happily spent my entire budget that day in the store.  Gap tends to have some awesome sale racks if you catch them at the right time, and provide a classic look that can be taken to work, or dressed up for a night on the town.

Urban Outfitters
UO contains an eclectic wardrobe of clothing and accessories, anything from chic to backwoods.  My favorite part is their store design, and how their lifestyle pieces are on display alongside the socks.  UO is a great place to hit up if you are looking for a unique style, and interested in finding a piece that you won't see on the street.  Trying to go easy on the wallet? UO is also a fantastic place to catch some great deals and sales.

J. Crew
J. Crew is one of my favorite places to shop.  After my stay in Washington, DC, I gained an entirely new appreciation for the classic polo look.  Collared shirts, sweet cardis, cozy scarves are all part of the look of a Georgetown student.  This is my go to store for a high class look, with a hint of student style.