Thursday, October 28, 2010

enchanted in holywood

Kate, Sophia, Gweneth and Hillary are leading the pack on Hollywood fashion for 2010.  These women have become icons in the ever changing celebrity landscape, bringing a timeless look that surpasses the changing trends.

Their beautiful photo shoot for Elle showcases their beauty- as women, fashion icons, and talented actresses.  Kate's sweet spring look may seem out of season for the chilly weather outside, but the bright colors of her blouse/skirt combo bring life to any outfit this fall.  My favorite part of this portrait is her bright candy apple red color on her nails.  Her next goal: to show her edgy side on the silver screen, taking darker roles. Fearless!

Sofia Coppola wowed audiences with her female perspective in directing Marie Antionette.  Her stunning down to earth look in the Elle portrait showcases her level-headed approach to her work.  As one of only a handful of female directors in Hollywood, Sofia is rewriting Hollywood history and paving a path for female directors worldwide.

I love Gweneth's look in this portrait, she seems to attract the sunlight! Her stunning beauty has become the poster girl for the smart, risk taking actress.  Her presentation has earned her many respectable roles, most popular her role in the Iron Man movies.  Her beauty and fashion sense both in front and behind the camera has made her a go-to model for a classy, sophisticated look.

Hillary's talent has taken her high in the ranks in the Hollywood hierarchy.  Two time oscar winner, she has mastered the art of blurring the gender lines in the theatre. But there is no fooling when it comes to her awe inspiring beauty.  She has been known to be a muse for designers worldwide, who love her classic look.

These women have taken Hollywood by storm- inspiring designers who flock to their beauty- and changing the rules of the game in an arena ruled by men.  I look at these women and see inspiration- both for my own life, my wardrobe, and aspire to someday carry myself with as much sophistication as these trendsetters do.  Make magic girls!

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