Wednesday, January 5, 2011

top five

Happy New Year! I am officially back from my mini-vacation, and ready to dive into 2011 with style.  There are sure to be some new and awesome trends hitting store fronts this year... but there are some overarching themes that we should definitely keep in our wardrobes into the new year!

Here are my top 5 awesome style trends from 2010:

1.  Lacy Luxury

While some designers decided to make underware outerware (thank heaven THAT trend didn't stick), we still have added a heavy amount of lace and sheer fabric to our closets.  A chic lace skirt paired with a dress shirt, or a sheer top with some jeans for a night out give us some options that are both chic and classy!
[; Lace at Catherine Holstein, Verrier, and Diane von Furstenberg]

2.  Atten-tion!

With subtle olive and khaki tones, military-inspired pieces have become a necessity in any closet.  Cargo pants, jackets and shirts offer both style and versatility, while offering a nice change up to jeans.
[Vogue Military Issue, 2010]

3.  Like a red rag to a bull...

Remember True Romance? That speaks to the overarching color of 2010: Red.  Whether it was on your lips, your nails or your dress, this color was red-hot on the runway, at all the award shows, and on the streets.  This trend will continue through the winter and into spring, adding a pop of color to any outfit.
[Penelope Cruz, photo courtesy of]

4.  Rawr!

One of my favorites, animal print was BIG for 2010.  Dressed down with denim, or up with silk or velvet, many new designers jumped at the opportunity to feature primal prints.  A must have for any chic closet!
[Roberto Cavalli: Milan Fashion Week 2010]

5.  Flower Power

Florals look great on pretty much everyone, and I cannot wait for this trend to hit center stage once again this spring.  Look for them not only in blouses and tanks, but also in headbands and jewelry to add the perfect amount of whimsical fantasy to your outfit.
[; Tuleh, Tracy Rose, and Peter Som]

Agree with my top five? What are your favorite trends from 2010?


  1. From your list I think my fave trend is probably the animal print trend. It was HUGE in 2010. I also liked the classic chic camel that was all over for winter 2010.

  2. I love the lacy trend! It has an exquisite air that says: i am both classy and feminine, protruding a high sense of sophistication. :)