Thursday, January 20, 2011

get lost! has compiled an exciting collection of perfect weekender bags, so you can travel in style with these perfectly-sized carriers!
[J.W. Hulme; Weekend Satchel Carryon Bag]
[Fleabags gunpowder bag in Indian blanket]
[Alexander Wang Daphne Duffel]

[Burberry Utility Cotton Canvas Weekender Bag]

[Stella McCartney Leopard Print Weekender Bag] 
[Tory Burch Greyden Duffle Bag]

My favorite one has to be the Fleabags gunpowder bag- I love the print of the fabric and the western Indian feel it brings! If I could get my hands on my favorite weekender, I am positive that I would use it all the time, it's perfect "not-so-big" size makes room for all overnight necessities, and adds a flare of relaxed weekend style to any outing!

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